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Corporate Security Services UK - Taylor Made Securities Ltd


Taylor Made Securities has a unique experience of protection of corporate business which extends to a wider sector of corporate and close protection.

Protection of your brand and public relations is key for developmental growth and we can offer unique security insights across a wide range of the security sector.

​Working with our qualified Level 2 and Level 3 team we provide an unparalleled solution assisting your brand, the workforce and management with a high duty of care that is as proactive as you instruct. With knowledge of business infrastructure, we can work throughout the scale of your organisation providing a full security service without you having to outsource to other companies.


​It is the law that security operatives are qualified and licensed

​All Taylor Made Securities operatives are experienced and security vetted to BS 7858. Their licenses are provided by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and they are qualified as close protection operatives. Therefore, we provide a wide range of specialist security options directly to the principals and key decision makers within your organisation.


Being somebody of influence in today’s current climate means a professional security team is a vital operational need. For scaled organisations with key decision makers and persons of interest, their private security must be undertaken by qualified and experienced professionals.

We provide a unique VIP close protection service that can be as diligent as your needs require. From providing personal full time security escort/s to having an itinerary professional that assess your daily travelling and security needs, we provide a seamless and unblemished service for corporate professionals.

​If you have visiting VIP's to your organisation we can also provide short term solutions providing security drivers and security escorts to greet your VIP in a secure and highly dignified environment. We guarantee safety, professionalism and integrity, as well as being an accurate reflection of your organisation, as you would expect from a specialist company like Taylor Made Securities.


​Providing an effective security solution for your AGM or conference must be undertaken by qualified professionals. As part of our service we provide a quality managed safety process in line with Health and Safety Legislation along with guaranteeing all our qualified professionals are First Aid trained.

Current legislation suggests conference security support can be provided by Level 2 qualified operatives; this is the same level as door supervision. However, Taylor Made Securities only provides Level 3 qualified close protection operatives as we know AGM's and conferences must be conducted in a unique and highly professional way.

We will be with you at every step of the way through the planning processes right up until cessation offering a fully secure environment.


Each year, an estimated £190 million is lost to businesses throughout the UK with a staggering 67% of office workers admitting they steal from their employers.

For mass production businesses that have a higher turner, product theft within the workplace is a major concern.

Through our security processes we can reduce this, as well as providing a member of our team to work within your workplace, to determine who is responsible. We obtain documentary evidence where possible to assist you to take definitive steps to protect your business and your assets.


​The protection of your product developments and patents are vital to keep your technology and research confidential. Taylor Made Securities have extensive experience and can provide a full security protection solution, including client testimonials, to assist with your asset protection.


  • Close protection services for VIP's within your organisation

  • Security Drivers

  • Residential security services

  • Advanced security planning and consultancy

  • Security services for offices and specialist events

For brand protection and business competition requirements we can provide the following services:

  • Secure document transit

  • Accompanied protection service for the transportation of assets

  • Abnormal load protection services

  • Concierge services when transporting assets abroad

  • Liaisons with customs and other officials

  • The appointment of foreign language translators

As well as our higher tiered specialist security in the workplace, we also provide Level 2 services for more generalised security and static security. These include:

  • Security for corporate and business premises

  • Security for museums and galleries

  • Security for hotels

  • Security for schools and universities

  • Mail screening procedures

  • Staff searches

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Reporting and logging services

Our presence will create a safe working environment and may be an insurance requirement.

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