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Close Protection Services UK - Taylor Made Securities Ltd


Working directly for the protection of an individual requires great pride, experience and holding a variety of accompanying skill sets. Our executive and close protection team have a variety of disciplines within their disposal and we select the right team to offer a thoroughly disciplined service.

We select specialists who have been highly trained and licensed to British Standards, including those who are from a former military or policing background or are very well trained civilians. Between these three unique backgrounds we provide a full scope of close protection services that you can be confident and assured of.

We are a company of great integrity and our director Mick Taylor takes great pride in selecting the very best teams offering an unrivalled and highly confidential service. We have male and female close protection operatives and also higher skilled operators who have capability in working in any challenging environment.

Effective close protection starts within the home and we can be on site 24 hours a day for as often as you may need us. We understand security is often seen to some as a compromise, but it needn’t be.

We follow our client instructions and are as overt or covert as you require. We are always conscious of your image and our diligent and thoroughly professional team members will always convey the image you require.

We will always provide you with a confidentiality agreement as well as a method of operations document so we have a full understanding of exactly what you need and would expect from a qualified organisation such as us.

We can work one to one with our clients as well as providing larger close protection teams and security drivers if necessary.

If you are in the public eye, we are well experienced in providing exactly the right people to work within these challenging environments where press and public attention can make ease of passage a more difficult task.


  • An advanced security planning process

  • Liaison with your personal assistants or agents

  • Risk and threat analysis

  • Personal security escorts in small or larger teams

  • Protective services for family members and children

  • Fully qualified male and female operatives and security operators

  • Assistance with travelling domestically or internationally

  • A full background check of our qualified team

  • A confidentiality agreement, code of conduct and a method of operations document

​​We are confident in providing you with the highest levels of service and confidentiality and we enjoy that our clients return back to us time and again.

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