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Advanced Security Planning - Taylor Made Securities Ltd


As part of our three-tiered approach to providing premium executive and close protection, we are pleased to offer a full advanced security planning service. Our advanced security teams work together with our residential security operatives and our physical close protection security escorts.

For those within the public eye advanced security is an essential service, and often part of a larger based security operation, used to minimise risk and create an ease of passage when press, paparazzi and fan bases are present.



From the outset of your plans, a member of the Taylor Made Securities team will meet with you or your representatives to discuss your security needs and assess how we can offer you the best service.

Our team leader will, in absolute confidence, gain a full understanding of your requirements and draw up a plan to minimise risk which will then be discussed thoroughly with you or your representative to ensure complete client satisfaction.


After travelling, we understand the need for an easy and efficient movement to your room or quiet space. Taylor Made Securities will provide a full, non-interference service to ensure you can pass unmolested through any event or location; this extends to obtaining the correct accreditation, room keys and parking permits.

In the case of larger based hotels there may be private entrances and separate lift areas to rooms which we will investigate and arrange before your arrival.


When travelling abroad you will expect ease of passage wherever you go. We can provide an airport liaison service and arrange ease of passage along with an executive vehicle service, where possible, ensuring both the vehicle requirements and the vetting of security drivers within the country of origin.

Religions and customs beliefs will be assessed and accounted for as part of our diligent preparation process. Our advance security planning is always conducted away from the public eye providing you with reassurance and confidence whilst travelling.


  • Risk factors

  • Threat determination

  • Your travelling plans

  • Methods of transport to a fixed location or multiple locations

  • Accreditation and VIP access

  • Routing Plans

  • Safety plans of the locations you are visiting

  • Staff and associates at each location

  • Management liaison with each location

  • Green room access

  • Dietary needs

  • Medical requirements

  • Press accreditation

  • Rider provisions

Additionally, as part of our advanced security planning, we also offer more specialised services:

  • ​Room searching prior to arrival

  • Full debugging service to create a sterile environment

  • Search procedures of potential visitors (if necessary)

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