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Asset Protection Services - Taylor Made Securities Ltd


Taylor Made Securities Ltd is a distinguished, internationally trusted security company with extensive experience in protecting and securing valuable assets to many businesses over the years.

Our expanding knowledge is established in working professionally with a variety of industries in differing and challenging environments. Although not exhaustive, please find some examples below of the services we provide.


The protection of displays of valuable art pieces requires due diligence, integrity and considerable concentration. Gallery security support and special events security management is a service which must be provided by professionals and those trained to a much higher standard than many security disciplines.

For individual circumstances, we know that your art, antiques, family heirlooms and your specialist furniture are immensely personal assets, often with long standing family association and history.

Our qualified security operatives can oversee the movement of your art, antiques, family heirlooms and specialist furniture providing you with reassurance and absolute protection, unlike a generalised 'delivery/courier' service.

Providing you with complete peace of mind and confidence, we can assist in obtaining insurance prior to transit. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our service, as well as working with the utmost integrity, from the initial planning phases of moving valuable assets to their safe housing, storage and arrival. Our service can be as extensive as you require.


With the equestrian business contributing over 6.2 billion to the UK economy alone there has been a dramatic increase in targeted horse theft and horse related crimes. Therefore, a need for equestrian security has arisen.

Traditional security support for the equestrian industry such as CCTV and lockable tack and stabling areas may not be sufficient for the needs of top end breeders to protect both their bloodlines and reputation in today’s competitive climate.

Our security services to the Equestrian industry are varied and tailored with some of the facilities including:


Protection for the motorsport business poses some unique challenges which can test security to extremes. From the logistics required to safely tour the world to providing secure areas for pit crew, drivers, sponsors and VIP’s, Taylor Made Securities can always ensure your safety and protection.

With huge demand for success from the public fan base as well as sponsors, you need to be confident in the protection of your business and any confidential information.


Whether it is a strategic document, a confidential film script, board meeting agendas or key financial documents, there is a demand in modern day competitive business to ensure and maintain your confidentiality.

We are one of the United Kingdom's most known specialist security brands and our reputation has been gained through years of operational success. Our strong relationships with our clients help guarantee your reputation is in safe hands.

We are dedicated to successfully delivering your important, confidential documents anywhere in the world through our unrivalled network of qualified security operatives, most of whom have been trained by us.


The protection of abnormal loads and assets in transit is a not just a key area of concern for the owner or end client but can be a necessity in obtaining insurance. 

Our services provide peace of mind as our qualified security experts are in transit with your cargo and assets every step of the way.

Furthermore, we provide real time updates on the geographical location and status of your goods placing you in a unique position to then relay this information, if necessary, to your end client or point of destination.

For further information on our Asset Protection services or to discuss a specific requirement, please contact us.



  • A physical security presence within your grounds or stabling areas 24 hours a day

  • A physical presence monitoring your CCTV or other security systems

  • Providing a response service for unwanted visitors

  • Report on those who enter and leave the grounds

  • Ensure confidence in clients for the protection of their stock through a qualified security presence

  • Delivering a vigilant open and lockdown service to ensure that tack and gated areas are always secure


  • Securing of pit lanes and VIP areas

  • Logistical support and planning

  • Close Protection for the safety of drivers, sponsors and VIP's  

  • The protection of intellectual property and secure document delivery service

  • Residential and hotel security for VIPs and key members

  • The protection of vehicle compounds and workstations 

  • Abnormal Load protection service

  • Manned Guarding for the protection of showrooms and vehicle collections


  • Driver safety

  • Rig and vehicle protection

  • Asset Protection while in transit

  • Customs clearance and brokerage of official documents

  • Customs/client liaison

  • Securing loads

  • Local customs and language difficulties

  • Toll considerations and cash handling

  • Effective monitoring of driver time

  • The supply of HGV licensed drivers

  • Collection service and delivery support

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