Services For Entertainment

Close Protection - Taylor Made Securities Ltd

Protecting those within the public eye can present numerous challenges on a day to day basis.

Our protective team and our distinguished advisors have decades of experience in providing the very highest levels of protective security to the entertainment industry.

From the protection of talent to their advisers and management, we present unique close protection solutions providing a thoroughly disciplined and diligent service. We cover the full facets of VIP executive protection and we can assess any situation that may present itself.

Awards Ceremonies

As well as providing our close protection security escorts directly for a principal we are also engaged with larger scale events.

We have secured the services of the advisors to the World Music Awards, one of the largest music awards ceremonies in the world. They were uniquely responsible for security management for the whole event as well as individual artist protection, the awards ceremony itself as well as the pre and after show parties. For over 10 years their service was exclusive to the WMA's their record completely unblemished.

Red Carpet Services

We provide a full pre-planning service along with accreditation checks and risk analysis plans. Our quality management system ensures that all processes, procedures and policies are followed, checked and verified.

As part of our full service coverage we provide:

- Full perimeter security control of red carpet areas -

- Male and female level 3 qualified close protection operatives -

- Management of press areas -

- Coning service -

- Security for pre and after show parties -

- Liaison with in-house security teams and management -

- Protection of green rooms and dressing rooms -

- Asset protection service of valuable items prevalent to the event -

- Crowd protection services and roped off areas -

- Protection of no-entry areas -

- Assistance with meet and greet services -

Providing Protective Services To The Film & Televisual Industry

We understand the pressure that accompany unknown factors when shooting on location.

Security management of public space can present difficult challenges especially when dialogue and scenes are confidential.

Paparazzi intrusion or their direct intervention can be potentially damaging to shoot timelines, project secrecy and directly upsetting to cast and crew. With modern world communications we understand that photography and the use of film can go viral within minutes undermining your project and with others profiteering from your work.

As part of our collective close protection services to the entertainment industry Taylor Made Securities provide the following:

- Film set protection service -

- Advance security assessments prior to a location shoot -

- Creation of conning zones and liaison with the public, local councils and the police -

- Protection of artist areas -

- Individual artist protection -

- Providing qualified operatives who have experience working within the media -

- Identification of undercover paparazzi and journalists -

- Secure film script protection service -

- Providing security operatives that are qualified in first aid -

- Protection of film stock -

- Specialist training for actors (please enquire within for more details) -

- Creation of health and safety and environmental policies -

Our unique close protection teams provide a complete blended service with excellent communication skills to ensure your project is unmolested and that public disruption is kept to a minimum.

Book Signings & Product Launches

We also provide author protective services for book launches and signings working one to one with the principal or providing larger numbers if necessary.

For product launches where secrecy is of paramount importance we will be there for you from the event set up to cessation as well as providing asset protective services.


If you require any further information about our protective services to the entertainment industry please contact us in absolute confidence.