Unarmed Self Defence

Unarmed Self Defence

Unarmed Self Defence Training

Unarmed Self Defence for Close Protection Operatives

Working as a Close Protection operative, you are responsible for the the safety and wellbeing of your client at all times. With good operational planning and reconnaissance, the need to defend yourself and your client in a hostile situation is rare. However, the required skills to defend yourself in a quick and effective manner are of the upmost importance when working as a Close Protection officer. 


Self defence skills are not currently compulsory within United Kingdom training standards and is often not normally included in most Close Protection training courses. 


Being an experienced and operational company, Taylor Made Securities Ltd realise that self defence training is a key requirement for Close Protection and Security operatives. Our Self defence course is therefore integrated within our Executive Close Protection course and is also available as a stand alone package.

Our Self Defence module has been created specifically for Close Protection operatives and incorporates techniques from multiple styles and disciplines.

Our Instructors hold both Blackbelt and ex World Champion status with the result being a quick and effective Self Defence system far suited to Close Protection and security operatives. Our Self Defence training takes place at a dedicated martial arts facility close to our training grounds.

Self Defence Topics Covered:

- Law and Legislation -

- Situational Awareness -

- Identifying Threats - 

- Conflict Management -

- Reaction To Attack -  

- Disarming Techniques - 

- Control and Restraint - 

- Body Cover Techniques - 

- Live Self Defence Drills - 

For more information and prices on our Self Defence training courses, please contact us.