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Specialist Event Security

Close Protection - Taylor Made Securities Ltd

Whether you are an attendee or if you are the host, we understand that VIP events and their smooth running are vitally important.

We know that VIP events are a reflection of you and whether it is your event or somebody else's, we will provide a security service of integrity and discipline.

Our presentation is always reflective of the event in question, whether you require a black tie security presence or something more subtle.

Attending a VIP Event

If you are the guest for a VIP event whether it is a premiere, sporting event or if you have arranged a meet and greet opportunity we will be with you every step of the way.

If you have a personal assistant or management they would usually arrange your accreditation, if not we can arrange this for you.

For red carpet events we have extensive experience of providing security escorts where there will be certain public interaction. We also understand the need for media for such events and we will always create the right amount of space for press and the media to obtain what they need so both parties are happy.

We will have advance knowledge of press areas, green rooms and separate VIP facilities so upon arrival you are not detained.

For after show parties we can accompany you to those locations and can arrange your travelling requirements.


Hosting a VIP Event

Planning your own event can be a very stressful time and security should not be something you need to worry about especially on the day.

Whether it is a party, a product launch or a wedding, you will want the correct feel of exclusivity and the creation of a secure environment.

We will minimise your worries if you are concerned about unwanted guests or something going wrong.

If your event will attract the press we can contain press areas and also assist with the creation of press accreditation. Far too many times there have been cases within the press where journalists or others have been able to penetrate security, this is not just a security concern but if there is journalist or media exclusivity this could vastly affect the arrangements that you have made with them.

Taylor Made Securities close protection operatives are well experienced and have handled large scale VIP events in the past.

As part of our service we provide (to name a few):

- Management of red carpet areas -

- Strict accreditation checks -

- Construction of security cordons -

- Parking assistance and parking control -

- Construction of a search policy (if required) -

- Male and female security operatives -

- A highly overt or covert service to meet your requirements -

- Confidentiality policies and strict vetting of security team members -

- Guest liaison service -

- Protection of out of bound areas -

- Cash handling (if necessary) -

- Coverage for safe storage areas -

- For product launches we can provide a protection service for the product in question -

- Discrete interaction service for unruly guests -

It is vital that your event is seamless and your guests thoroughly enjoy their time with you.

We will provide you with reassurance that any security concerns are addressed prior to the event and we will minimise your concerns before and after the event.

If you require any further information about our VIP event security services, please contact us.