Residential Security Teams

Taylor Made Securities takes the safety of our clients very seriously and we have robust processes in place ensuring quality of service.

With a recognised quality management system, our seamless processes ensure that every step is taken in protecting your property and assets. We have an extensive background and we have a qualified and distinguished advisory team offering a totally unique residential protection service.

Our residential security experts are all vetted to BS 7858 and are licensed at level 3 standard which is higher than required by law.

Our level 3 experts all have close and executive protection experience and are licensed accordingly. This offers a higher level of service, attention to detail and also means they are qualified for a variety of other security skill sets.

Taylor Made means exactly that and we have the flexibility to adjust to scenarios with a focused approach on changing and challenging environments.

Over the last few years there have been many cases within the media where an undesirable element of society has broken into the homes of high net worth individuals as well as those within the public eye. Our experienced team offer reassurance and guidance in developing a robust system that does not impact upon your daily routine. We have an extensive portfolio of qualified professionals and can also engage members of our team that have specialist skills if required.

If your property or estate would benefit from an enhanced security review we have CCTV, alarm and state of the art security equipment experts that will be happy to offer you a no obligation security review.

It is our opinion that the protection of properties that are within the national interest is vital in protecting our heritage for generations to come and this can be achieved with effective estate protection.

Some examples of what our qualified professionals provide include:

  • Highly overt or covert security presence - dependant upon your requirements

  • Effective access control

  • Mail screening service

  • Security control room maintenance

  • All year round security protection service for 24 hours a day

  • Consultation process when a physical presence is not required or preferred

  • Establish a robust communications process and assist with safe areas within the property

  • Offering a VIP security service for your special events

  • Protection of assets within the grounds of the estate as well as valuable items within the property


International Services

As well as securing your property we can also accompany you when you need to travel whether it is through business or pleasure, we can also provide you with a concierge service to assist with your travelling requirements.

We provide our clients with a short term service where they are not in need of a full time residential security service, some examples of this include assistance with planning and travel arrangements such as attending events, AGM's and other important business matters. We can also provide security drivers if required.


Our services are completely confidential and if you would like to inspect one of our confidentiality policies please do let us know.

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