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First Aid Response

First Aid Training Course

L3 RQF In First Aid Response

Given their line of work and responsibilities, the need for Close Protection operatives to have training in First Aid is essential. 

This qualification is aimed at persons wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of first aid along with an understanding of how important medical/environmental intelligence is when dealing with a range of casualties and situations.

Our First Aid Response qualification is far more suited to Close Protection and Security operatives than the basic First Aid At Work industry standard.

We can incorporate this advanced First Aid training into our Executive Close Protection courses and it is also available as a stand alone course. 


First Aid Topics Covered:

- The roles and responsibilities of a First Aider -

- Assessing an emergency situation safely -

- CPR and AED -

- Administering first aid to a choking casualty -

- Dealing with shock, burns, scalds, bleeds and minor injuries -

- Dealing with sudden poisoning or an anaphylaxis -

- Dealing with casualties with fractures, and spinal, head or chest injuries -

- Dealing with heart attacks, strokes and other Major Illnesses - 

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